March 27th: Famine is a catalyst for war.

On this episode, we’re forgoing the noise of Trump, Tories and Brexit and focussing instead on some less-exposed corners of the refugee crisis. This episode is part one of two: today we’re talking about the historical and political backgrounds of; the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan; the monolithic and confusing phenomenon of Internally Displaced People which dwarfs the refugee crisis; and finally the 1-year anniversary of the Turkey/EU deal. Next episode we’ll be following up these three topics with a look into the lived reality and effect of each.  Some Further Reading – South Sudan Crisis: A Primer (Oxfam) – Africa’s silent internal displacement crisis (CNN) – The Turkey EU/Deal: One year on (Deutsche Welle)

This episode was made possible by TransferGo, a quick and easy way to send money across borders. Contact us at: or @migrantpodcast The Migrant Crisis Podcast will be back in two weeks.

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The Migrant Crisis Podcast seeks to cover the ongoing situation involving migration in Europe and beyond. We give a global outlook on events, provide expert analysis of policy decisions (and explain why they matter) and attempt to wade through the media narratives around migration to get the root of the issues. We are unashamedly pro-migrant and pro-refugee, and we always seek to let migrants share their experiences in their own words. We are based in Berlin and London, but our network of contacts is spread wide over the world, from Sydney to Syria and Sao Paulo.

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