Extra: Hello 2017, please be nice.

It’s 2017, and oh look, the migrant crisis is still going. On this short episode, Mike Meehall Wood, Sophie Pornschlegel and Frey Lindsay discuss what this year has in store for refugees and migration. Things to look out for include: The continuing absence of European cooperation, the impact of the Valletta conference on migration in Africa, the change in German policy after the Berlin Attack on 19 December 2016. It’s going to be a long year.

Apart from that, a bit of housekeeping: From the next episode, this Podcast will be presented in partnership with TransferGo, which provides its users with a simpler way of sending money across borders: www.transfergo.com/

With their help, we will be expanding the show and our reporting, and we are happy to have them on board.

A new, full episode of the Migrant Crisis Podcast will be out January 30th. Welcome to 2017.

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The Migrant Crisis Podcast seeks to cover the ongoing situation involving migration in Europe and beyond. We give a global outlook on events, provide expert analysis of policy decisions (and explain why they matter) and attempt to wade through the media narratives around migration to get the root of the issues. We are unashamedly pro-migrant and pro-refugee, and we always seek to let migrants share their experiences in their own words. We are based in Berlin and London, but our network of contacts is spread wide over the world, from Sydney to Syria and Sao Paulo.

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