Episode 26 – Hope kind of leaves you.


On this episode:

Australia has an appalling refugee policy. Resident Australian Frey Lindsay has just returned from there, and tells the tale of the country that basically doesn’t exist if you’re arriving by boat.

Marcus Wilson at Conflict Armament Research discusses their recent report on Islamic State’s attempts to create weaponised drones.

Mike Meehall Wood and Sophie Pornschlegel talk about the migrant crisis in Africa, which dwarfs that of Europe, and the stasis that has beset migrant communities, camps and detention centres across the erstwhile “front lines” of the crisis.

Benny Hunter, Rosie Pope and Help Refugees have produced a report on the situation for many of the unaccompanied minors expelled from Calais. Benny tells us of the distress and anguish these kids live under every day, as they wait for the chance to come to Britain.

And finally, notes on 2016.

Thank you to Benjamin Hunter, Help Refugees and Marcus Wilson at Conflict Armament Research.

Read Benny’s report for Help Refugees: www.helprefugees.org.uk/news/life-chi…rtain-future/

And CAR’s report on Islamic State’s drone workshops: www.conflictarm.com/download-file/?…16&file_id=2417

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