Episode 24 – Everybody wants to leave, but they can’t.

On this episode;

Mike and Frey talk about the end of the Syrian ceasefire. Did it work? Did we think it would work? Did it work better than we thought it would? Who was it between again? Now who’s fighting who? Which one’s are committing war crimes? What happens now? We ask all these questions, and barely answer any of them.

Mike visits the exhibition War on Wall with photography from the Syrian Conflict displayed on the remnants of the Berlin Wall. While there, he speaks about the conflict and the future of Syria with friends of the podcast Ansam Jassem, academic and expert on social movements within refugee groups, and Mohammed Shoaib, activist from Raqqa.

(Also at this event was a live-link with Ibrahim, a member of the Syrian Civil Defense, the White Helmets; some of the bravest people in the world. Next episode we will have that conversation.)

With all this Syria talk of late, it can be easy to forget it’s not the only troubled country in the region. Sophie has been speaking with Friederike Regel, Iraq Project Coordinator for the Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer Berlin (go on, try to say it) or BZFO. They talk about Kurdistan, corruption, financial crises and everything else putting pressure on refugees in Iraq. Pay close attention to how Friederike’s organisation works, hiring Iraqi professionals as opposed to just shipping over their own.

Frey speaks with Alice Thomas from Refugees International on the worsening droughts and political instability in Zimbabwe. Climate Change is only going to displace more and more people in the future, we need to have a plan in place. We don’t as yet.

And finally, Francoise Hollande wins our “Captain State the Obvious” award for the week, Donald Trump Jr gets his skittles in a twist, and one of Mike’s favourite TV shows (not the Simpsons) clashes with one of Frey’s (not the Simpsons).

Check out the War on Wall Exhibition: www.waronwall.org/

Read Alice Thomas’ report for Refugees International on Zimbabwe’s future
and climate displacement: www.refugeesinternational.org/reports/20…8/zimbabwe

And learn more about the BZFO’s work in Iraq: www.bzfo.de/global/iraq.html

Thank you to Ansam Jassem, Mohammed Shoaib, Friederike Regel and Alice Thomas.

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