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The leading independent podcast covering the Migrant Crisis in Europe is searching for media partners.

The Migrant Crisis Podcast is seeking media partners in Europe. We’re particularly interested in the following regions: Germany, France, UK, Italy, Sweden, Greece, and the Balkans.

The Migrant Crisis Podcast

Our aim is to develop a network of media outlets interested in cooperating on news stories, exchanging information and sharing contacts. We are also interested to work with reporting networks to exchange information and advice.

If you would like to get in touch, get further information, or if you wish to support us, please do not hesitate to contact us at: <a href="mailto:migrantpodcast@gmail Look At This.com” target=”_blank”>migrantpodcast@gmail.com

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The Migrant Crisis Podcast

The Migrant Crisis Podcast seeks to cover the ongoing situation involving migration in Europe and beyond. We give a global outlook on events, provide expert analysis of policy decisions (and explain why they matter) and attempt to wade through the media narratives around migration to get the root of the issues. We are unashamedly pro-migrant and pro-refugee, and we always seek to let migrants share their experiences in their own words. We are based in Berlin and London, but our network of contacts is spread wide over the world, from Sydney to Syria and Sao Paulo.

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