Episode 6 – “Will this stop refugees coming to Calais? … No.”


On this episode, Frey speaks with Klaus Zimmerman of the Institute for the Study of Labour in Bonn, about the economics of migration.

Mike finds an unlikely ally in the Hells Angels.

And finally Frey, Mike and Sophie go to the mat on the latest round of Charlie Hebdo “outrage”.

Also, listen out for Sophie’s fancy Schengen event next month. The music this week is “She Illegal” by ANA.

Episode 5 – “What the hell happened in Cologne?”


On this week’s episode, a look at Denmark, who have suspended the Schengen agreement and limited border crossings with Germany.

Mike speaks to Inge Haandsbæk Jensen, a journalist and theologian in Copenhagen.

Frey meets up with Andreas Koefoed, director of “At Home in The World”, a film about refugee children in Denmark.

We will also discuss the disturbing attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve, and think about the effects it will have on the migrant debate. Today’s song is “Mute” by Netsuke.

Episode 4 – “I saw this really great PDF” AKA The Balkans Episode


On this weeks episode, we take a special look at the Balkans.

Mike gives us some history of the region, then speaks with Serbian journalist Aleks Eror about its treatment of migrants.

Sophie has been looking into a new EU policy declaring some Balkans countries “safe”.

And then, Frey wonders if he can claim asylum somewhere, and Mike tells us about his home town. The music this week is “Muddy Waters” by Markus Nikolaus.

Episode 3 – “Do they care it’s Christmas?”

On this week’s episode:

Sophie explains the new EU Border Force and Coast Guard, Frey speaks with Francesco Femia at Climate and Security on the impact climate change has had on Syrian destabilisation.

Mike reflects on the recent passing of Benedict Anderson, whose theory on nationalism had a profound influence on how we see the world and ourselves.

Also: A bigot’s TV show gets cancelled, Banksy shows up in Calais, and Lesbos volunteers go home for Christmas.

Episode 2 – “Well done Mike, and well done France”.

On this episode of the Migrant Crisis Podcast, Mike Meehall Wood, Sophie Pornschlegel, and Frey Lindsay talk about the rise (and slight fall) of France’s far-right Front National.

We also take a wide look at the Turkey-EU deal, aimed to help stem the flow of migrants into Europe – Frey speaks with Vincenzo Scarpetta at OpenEurope on the policy angle, and Mike with Turkish activist Gulsah Yurdakul on the view from Istanbul.

In the chatter at the end, Sophie agrees with Vladimir Putin, and Mike laments the reception of migrants in his home country.

Episode 1 – “It is getting cold in Europe”.


On this episode of the Migrant Crisis Podcast, journalists Mike Meehall Wood, Sophie Pornschlegel, and Frey Lindsay discuss the French and EU reactions to the Paris attacks, and the background and future of the Calais Jungle.

Mike visits Mareike Wenzel at Moabit Hilft, a refugee helpcentre in Berlin, to find out about the process of registering for shelter, and Frey talks to Judith Sunderland of Human Rights Watch, on worsening conditions along EU borders.