June 19th: Blowback

Welcome to the Migrant Crisis Podcast, our second election and terrorism episode in a row.

This time round, Northern Ireland correspondent Mike Meehall Wood explains to us the Democratic Unionist Party and why the English Tories have made an alliance with them.

After that we speak to Muddassar Ahmed, an interfaith organiser and communications expert, about how terrorism shapes and damages the lives of Britain’s substantial Muslim community.

*Please note, these conversations were recorded before the attack at Finsbury Park mosque and before the full horrific extent of the Grenfell fire was clear to us.

Read Muddassar’s op-ed on the Finsbury Park Attack here: http://www.newsweek.com/finsbury-park-mosque-attack-medias-islamophobia-addiction-will-only-lead-more-627255

So it’s come to this: a clip show.

Welcome to the Migrant Crisis Podcast, produced by Frey Lindsay, Sophie Pornschlegel and Mike Meehall Wood. This episode is a clip show, as we feel we’ve done enough original shows to earn it and also Mike has to move flat.

We’re looking back over the last few years of the migrant crisis, through the eyes of refugees themselves as well as health professionals and volunteers. We’ll hear journeys across the sea, struggles to adapt to a new land and the near-impossibility of asking for help.

We’ll also hear the joys of exploring a new environment and the pleasant surprises therein, the use of art and writing to move through adversity and the pure resilience of those who leave their homes for a new life.

June 5th: UK Election Special

Welcome to the Migrant Crisis Podcast, this week reporting live on the frontlines of the UK General Election, pre-recorded from a room in East Berlin.

On this episode, Mike Meehall Wood and Sophie Pornschlegel look at the terror attacks in England: how we react to and view terrorists in our midst. Then, they’ll be comparing the migration policies of the Conservatives, Labour Party and Liberal Democrats. Mike will question why we’ve included the Lib Dems on that list, and Sophie will vigorously defend them.

If you’re listening to this before June 8th, go vote. If you’re listening to this after June 8th, I hope you voted.

Next episode we’ll be in a new world that looks much the same, and we’ll be returning to our normal programming.