You can support the Migrant Crisis Podcast on Patreon!

As we are constantly growing, we need to invest more and more time into the podcast, to keep up with requests, interviews and deal with technical issues. This is why you can now support us on the crowdfunding platform Patreon. The idea is that you can give as much or as little as you want, and it will help us to keep up to report on migrant crisis. Rest assured that we will make good use of your support!


Why The Migrant Crisis Podcast is on Patreon

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The Migrant Crisis Podcast seeks to cover the ongoing situation involving migration in Europe and beyond. We give a global outlook on events, provide expert analysis of policy decisions (and explain why they matter) and attempt to wade through the media narratives around migration to get the root of the issues.

We are unashamedly pro-migrant and pro-refugee, and we always seek to let migrants share their experiences in their own words.

We are based in Berlin and London, but our network of contacts is spread wide over the world, from Sydney to Syria and Sao Paulo.

We do not seek to make money from this endeavour, however time, equipment and travel costs money. If you like our podcast, and would like to help us to continue and to grow, we would be very grateful for a small donation towards the costs of our upkeep.

Mike, Sophie and Frey.