What do we do?

Our aim is to provide in-depth coverage of the migrant crisis, including the causes of migration, the different routes that are taken by migrants, and the responses at European and national level to migration flows. We want to provide an alternative to sensationalist and scattered reporting on the migrant crisis. 

Who are we?

Frey Lindsay is a journalist at Share Radio, a national finance broadcaster in London. He’s from Sydney but lives in the UK. He hates sports with a passion.

Mike Meehall Wood is an Irish/Mancunian journalist based in Berlin. He writes for Vice about politics, migration and sports. His favourite episode of The Simpsons is Last Exit to Springfield, which explains a lot.

Sophie Pornschlegel is the Continental member as she’s French and German. She works in Berlin as a public affairs consultant and coordinates programmes and projects for the grassroots think tank Polis180. Before the podcast, she wrote stuff about the EU on her blog www.untoldeurope.eu